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All right, my darlings, I think we've all seen this coming so I'll keep it brief: Quo Vadis is now closed. I hope you'll all keep in touch, since I adore you all, and if anybody ever desires to musebox our mutual dorks for old time's sake, you best believe I am down for it.

Haere mai; ka kite; ka pai,
Ginpachi-sensei cares for you~


All right sexy people, I'm peacin' out to start my journey. I'll be officially back in late September, though no doubt I'll check in every now and again because...that is my life.

As for what my lads are up to....Yamamoto is baseballin', Kamina is busy with R.A. duties and wrestling and Being Awesome (Doku, feel free to pose he and Yoko sparring and scrapping and generally dicking around if you like), Gintoki is probably marathoning Bleach and/or Hana Kimi and ignoring his duties as a teacher as much as he can (Lorna, you're free to pose weird conversation between him and either of your two), and Dino is falling on his face as per usual.

Ciao for now, and I'll be seeing some of you shortly~

♥ Erika

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Okay, so a minor mental meltdown today reminded me that I have three weeks before I move from Vancouver and a whole lot of shit to do before then. To that end, I am going on slowatus for that duration; I'll finish up the threads I have going for Kamina, Yamamoto and Dino but won't be starting any more, and I won't be around on AIM either at home. If you need or want to get in contact with me, go ahead and email me.

Additionally, after the 9th of June I will be trekkin' around the States until mid-September, so at that point I'll be on total hiatus. I won't even have my computer with me then, s-sob ;_;

Anyway, this is just a heads-up so ya'll know why I'm so scarce for the next few months. I'll try and check in as often as I can - especially for mod work! - but, yeah. I'll be kinda nuts.

♥ Erikip


So, uh. It's Ari again. And this time I've got Franziska von Karma. I hope everyone knows where the nurse's office is will be kind to her. =D

Also, she's stuck in high school and not too pleased about it.
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This Week In QV

(Note: these posts can be considered to be OOC. They are for player info rather than characters. Also, sorry that it's late again. T.T)

Hopefully students have been enjoying their Golden Week! Perhaps they went on a hike on Greenery Day yesterday. Also, if they are still around the campus tomorrow, they may want to keep their eyes peeled for Children's Day decorations tomorrow. Be wary though. You may be having fun this week, but with next week comes midterm exams! Maybe you should get some studying in as well?

The weather this week will be clear with scattered clouds and very warm temperatures. How ideal!

(For more info about what's to come, check out the school calender.)
Gossip #1

This Week In QV

(Note: these posts can be considered to be OOC. They are for player info rather than characters. Also, sorry, I lied, it's a day late.)

Everyone's been working hard since the start of the school year, and all that hard work is about to pay off. This week marks the beginning of Golden Week on the 29th. Rather, the 29th (Showa Day, the birthday of the former Emperor Showa) will be a day off, everyone will come back to school on the 30th, and then a five-day weekend follows! Lucky everyone, it's another break right away! Students may go home or goof off all they like, and teachers get a chance to relax and recover from the beginning of the year. Let's have fun, everyone!

The weather this week will be rainy through Thursday, and then it will clear up just in time for the day off.

(For more info about what's to come, check out the school calender.)

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Hi! My name is Ari and I don't know how to introduce myself. Uh. XD;

I mean, uh, I'm new here, bringing you Kratos Aurion from Tales of Symphonia. He'll be teaching 2nd year English and class 2A. Also aside from, like, 2 icons, all of his faces go "..."

A-and I think I know some of you?

Ummm... I dunno what else to say. XD; H-hi?

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Hello, guys! The name's Kukki, and I'm fresh meat to you crazy peeps. Along with me, I'm bringing along new student Lloyd Irving! He hails from the game Tales of Symphonia, although the storyline doesn't exactly apply to him here. What with it being set thousands of years in the past and all. The only thing that you may need to know is that he is a total tsundere. I'm not quite sure what's going on here that Lloyd should know about yet, so any tips and suggestions would be wonderful. ♥

Anyway, Lloyd here lives in the boys' high school dorms in room 306, and he'll be chilling out in Class 2-A. Here's to hoping he'll get into tons of trouble with other boys! \o/ O-Or girls, of course. Lloyd Irving does not discriminate.

You can contact me on AIM at shokora kukki, or on MSN at So, please add failseverything with the nifty hover trick, and I hope to play with everyone soon! I'm really excited to be here!
club fair


Oh here we go, some mod stuff:

Since the club fair would have taken place recently, I'd like to bring everyone's attention to the Club Post! That's right, if you haven't chosen a club for your student character yet (or a club to supervise for your teacher character), now would be an ideal time. Most students would realistically be in a club, though there are those that opt to be in the "go-home-early club." XD

If you've commented on the club post previously, please do so again just for the sake of my sanity. XDDDD I'm trying to get this post sorted out since it never really got updated to begin with.

C8H10N4O2 - daemon_angelus

Wait, who are you?

So, I'm more or less back from hiatus, and will be resuming mod duties, but a few things first:

1. Fay's activity will be sporadic as I try to feel him out and make sure I still want to keep playing him here. I feel like he's been mediocre at best and I don't want that for any of my characters. He'll still be around for the time being though.

2. Will be bringing new characters soon, methinks. Yamamoto, you'll have to hand Mihashi over when my next character shows up!

Uh, I think that's it? Hi guys?

Oh, and This Week In QV will be resuming next weekend. Sorry to have missed the beginning of the school year and the cherry blossom viewing with that. *sheepish*