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high school teacher positions

Info posts, info posts, can't get enough of info posts! Check this out; it's a list of all the teaching positions taken at Quo Vadis Academy's high school. You'll want to refer to this list when thinking about applying for high school teacher character. Currently, there is no limit for college teacher positions. HMMMmmm...! *wiggles eyebrow*

Each row with an asterisk ( * ) next to it represents a teaching position at the high school taken by one faculty member. We will list the teacher's name beside the position they claim; if there isn't a name, then it's up for grabs! You'll notice that some subjects have the same teacher for all grades, and some have different teachers for each year.

We'll add more elective courses here as we think of them, but the basic classes should stay the same. Reply to this post with any questions!

    * 1st year (Composition and reading of the classics)
    * 2nd year (Advanced Composition and ancient Japanese literature)
    * 3rd year (Public speaking and modern literature)

    * 1st year (Algebra)
    * 2nd year (Geometry)
    * 3rd year (Trigonometry)

    * 1st year (English I - Vocabulary and basic comprehension)
    * 2nd year (English II - Vocabulary and writing Taken:: Aurion, Kratos
    * 3rd year (English III - Conversational English)

Social Studies
    * 1st year (Ancient Japan) Taken:: Sakata, Gintoki
    * 2nd year (Warring States through Meiji era history) Taken:: Itoshiki, Nozomu
    * 3rd year (WWII and modern politics)

Physical Education
    * 1st year
    * 2nd year
    * 3rd year

    * 1st through 3rd year (Biology, +, and ++)

    * 1st through 3rd year (Chemistry, +, and ++) Taken:: Fluoriet, Fay

    * 1st through 3rd year (Geology, +, and ++)

    * 1st through 3rd year (Physics, +, and ++) Taken:: Kasshu, Kyoji

    * 1st year (Introduction to Art)
    * 3rd year creative choice (Advanced Art)
    * 3rd year creative choice (Art History)

Home Economics
    * 1st year (Basic)
    * 2nd and 3rd year elective (Advanced)

    * 2nd year (Introduction to Music)
    * 3rd year creative choice (Music History)

Industrial Arts (i.e. Shop class)
    * 2nd and 3rd year elective

Behavioral Sciences (i.e. Psychology, Sociology, etc.)
    * 2nd and 3rd year elective

Computer technology
    * 2nd and 3rd year elective

Creative Writing
    * 3rd year creative choice

    * 3rd year creative choice
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