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Reserved Characters

Below is the list of characters who are currently reserved.

Series/CharacterPlayerReserve Time
LavikaloriiJune 9th(first extension)
Walker, AllennarentasticJune 9th(first extension)
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Rokudo, MukurotenthclambossJune 10th(first extension)
Finnianyamihikari02June 6th
Kunogi Himawarichiba_yurikoJune 7th

In order to reserve a character, please comment to this post with the Character Name, series the character comes from, and your own journal. Reserves will be held for two weeks. There are some restrictions that apply.

-You may request up to two additional week long extensions. If you cannot submit the application by the end of this four week period, your reserve runs out, you must wait one week before you can reserve the same character again, with the same time periods as the first reserve.

-If after the second reserve period, you have still not applied for the character, we cannot allow you to reserve them again. They will be up for grabs to whoever can app first, be it you or someone else.

-You are allowed to reserve only one character at a time.
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