July 9th, 2009

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Requested Characters

Below is a list of the characters currently requested by players.Collapse ) To request a character, please comment below with the full name of the character, series they come from, and a brief description of why you'd like to see the character. Also, please indicate if the requested character is a castmate, love interest for your own character, or just someone you'd like to see being played. If you see a requested character in the comments that you ALSO want to request, please comment in that thread saying so!
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Player Feedback

This post is for player opinions on other characters or players in the RP. If you have a problem with a fellow mun or concerns about the character, please leave a message below reporting this problem to the mods.

If you wish to deliver a message to the player in question, but do not feel comfortable approaching the player directly, leave a message below and it will be delivered anonymously by a mod. This post is also for compliments to players and characters, which will be delivered anonymously. Please specify if you are reporting a problem or delivering a message to the player.

All comments are screened. Anon commenting is enabled and IP-logging is turned off.
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Housing Post - High Schoolers

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-All suites contain three single rooms connected to a common room. The common room is connected to the hallway through a small foyer. A full bathroom is connected to the foyer before the common room.
-The common room has a TV, couch, a few chairs, a minifridge, and a table to study at.
-Individual rooms are furnished with a bed, desk, closet, and dresser. All rooms have a window as well.
-Each floor has a large study lounge/recreational area, where students are free to mingle and such. There is also a small kitchenette area in the lounge, with a microwave, open-range stove, and a toaster oven.
-There is a laundry room located in the basement. There is no charge to use the washing machines, or dryers.
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Student jobs

Here, you can check out our list of part-time jobs for your student character to take on. Your parents will be paying for most of schooling, since Japanese parents are like that(?), but that doesn't mean you have no money problems at all!

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If you have a better, different idea, feel free to tell us about it in a comment to this post! We are likely to approve it, and add it to the list.
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Event Suggestion

"Do you have an idea for some kind of festivities of your own? Would you like to organize a party for the entire school? Do you have a great idea for a reason to let people get loose and wild, but you just need a little help to do it?

Let us know! Just fill out the form below with the event idea, when you'd like it to take place, and what sort of facilities you might need to see this event happen. We'll try to provide some* assistance for you, in order to see your event happen."

*Of course, we won't provide everything for you.

[OOC Info: If you have an idea for an event, comment on this post with the form filled out ICly. We can't do everything you want, but certain things will be possible. Think outside the box. You can suggest a dance, a contest, a celebration, whatever you can think of!]