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Hello, guys! The name's Kukki, and I'm fresh meat to you crazy peeps. Along with me, I'm bringing along new student Lloyd Irving! He hails from the game Tales of Symphonia, although the storyline doesn't exactly apply to him here. What with it being set thousands of years in the past and all. The only thing that you may need to know is that he is a total tsundere. I'm not quite sure what's going on here that Lloyd should know about yet, so any tips and suggestions would be wonderful. ♥

Anyway, Lloyd here lives in the boys' high school dorms in room 306, and he'll be chilling out in Class 2-A. Here's to hoping he'll get into tons of trouble with other boys! \o/ O-Or girls, of course. Lloyd Irving does not discriminate.

You can contact me on AIM at shokora kukki, or on MSN at kukkimonster@hotmail.com. So, please add failseverything with the nifty hover trick, and I hope to play with everyone soon! I'm really excited to be here!
Tags: intro
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