Quo Vadis Mods (quovadis_mods) wrote in quovadis_rp,
Quo Vadis Mods

This Week In QV

(Note: these posts can be considered to be OOC. They are for player info rather than characters. Also, sorry that it's late again. T.T)

Hopefully students have been enjoying their Golden Week! Perhaps they went on a hike on Greenery Day yesterday. Also, if they are still around the campus tomorrow, they may want to keep their eyes peeled for Children's Day decorations tomorrow. Be wary though. You may be having fun this week, but with next week comes midterm exams! Maybe you should get some studying in as well?

The weather this week will be clear with scattered clouds and very warm temperatures. How ideal!

(For more info about what's to come, check out the school calender.)
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