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Frequently Asked Questions

Ah, FAQs. I'll add to this as people have questions. Comment below if you've got one.

You must read everything here before applying for a character! It wouldn't hurt to read all the rest of the info posts, too, but reading this is your #1 priority.

So, my character is magically zapped into this place and has no idea how they got there and they can't escape no matter what they try and they must learn to get along with the people they're living with until they're magically sent back home?!?!!!1one

What? No!


Quo Vadis's AU format allows for a much less traumatic way for all of our favorite characters to hang out in the same imaginary space. Let's say you want to apply as Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club: since her canon background is very similar to the world setting in this RP, you could easily just take all her background history, and start her at the school the same as she started at Ouran High School, with a whole different set of bizarre and wacky fun times waiting for her. It's highly recommended that you apply for a character from a slice-of-life, comedy/romance, no-magic-and-no-special-powers series; their canon background will be almost exactly like their AU background here that way! Plus, you might easily find canonmates, and be able to do things you wished had happened in the original canon perhaps! How exciting.

Do you only allow characters from those kinds of shows, then?

Not so! We want as many people to get in on the exciting school life as possible, and that can be just as fun with a character who isn't from a school-setting canon. That does mean, however, that you'll need to fully flesh out an AU background for them. We're going to be picky, here. In an essence, you'll be making a character who will not be completely the same as the original character you were inspired by, and that's okay. Stretch your imaginations! Let's see what kind of life Kamina lives without ganmen to chase after!! We do need comic relief in between all the emo, after all. ;) Just remember, no magic, and no super powers. If their character was dependent on those factors in canon, it will obviously be more challenging to find what is in-character for them in this setting, but if you want a challenge, then hey, go for it.

SWEET. So I can apply for ANY kind of character, then?!

Ha ha ha, NO~! As you might've seen in the comm's userinfo blurb, Quo Vadis Academy enrolls students for high school through college grades. Sad to say, no characters under 15. Julian also doesn't like to enroll students who are already well into their college career, so the chances of a student character age 23 or over getting accepted are slim, though not completely zero.


D-don't worry! There are other ages we accept! Specifically, adult characters, who can apply as teachers that Julian went and picked up because he had a similar ~feeling~ about them and what they can do for his academy! Thanks to the wide, wide array of subjects being taught at this multi-level academy, there really isn't a limit for the amount of player teacher characters. Still, we're aiming for more students than teachers, so please understand if we get picky.

Can I play someone who isn't from anime/manga?

Sure! Non-Japanese characters are fine. Keep in mind, however: all the characters in this RP are actually speaking Japanese. If you can explain why your Australian big-breasted beauty is discussing Kant's theories in perfect Tokyo-dialect Japanese, you would be a good RPer. Be a good RPer, and have a good AU background! ...Or, if you don't really care about the whole language thing (*grumble grumble* *is a Linguistics major* *this stuff is so interesting*), then simply mention somewhere OOCly that you'd like to handwave the whole thing. There are a good handful of fluent foreigners in Japan, so hey, it's not so strange for some to be fluent.

...How about original characters? Genderbent or fandom-created AU characters?

While this RP is still in its growing stages, no. But eventually we'll start accepting them! Our mods are newbies, and need some practice doing application review before we can look at an OC application and know what is good and what is bad. We'll see about the genderbent...

*groans* Fine. So, what's so exciting about RPing school, which I already have done and it sucks and I hate it and I'm currently escaping my real life homework as I read this FAQ of yours?

Go to school more, your grammar stinks! ...No, seriously! I'm waiting right here until you come back.

...Okayfine. Personally, the real pull for slice-of-life, school-setting stories is usually romance, personal discovery, and/or a combination of the two. I get a little spiritual boost reading about Sasahara getting frustrated searching for a manga editor's job, because I've struggled in a similar way. Soap box aside, join this game if you'd like to try out RPing a character to explore all those emotional sides to them, to show off those hilarious character traits that you couldn't really show off in a game with no modern, real life setting, or to see how cute it would be to pair up Haruhi Fujioka and Kyon. Oh wait, I already did that-- *coughs* Anyway, you get the gist I think!

So, what's an IC reason for my character deciding to get roped into this?

Glad you asked! This isn't as hard as it sounds, actually! You don't have to put an invisible magical wall around the characters to keep them in the RP, so long as you have a motivation for them to come and stay. Here are some good examples that we highly recommend you use and adapt to your character. Use more than one if you can!

"Julian gave me a scholarship because I'm so smart."
"I'll be able to rub elbows with some of the big names of this or that industry!!"
"___-kun/___-chan is going there~!♥♥♥ SO I'M GOING, TOO."
"Finally, my chance to shine/my chance to start things over with a fresh start!"
"What a romantic concept of a school~!"
"I am Julian's BIGGEST FAN."
"M-my parents made me..."

I could see the last one there ending up as the most used, and most realistic reason to transfer schools. Parents do indeed hold a near-undeniable power over the non-graduated. In particular, anime parents are easily swept off their feet by big, flashy billionaires who proclaim that their child could be the key to the world's bright new future. And those sparkles are damn contagious. The sparkles...!!

Teachers, well. Teachers need jobs. :I Also jobs that pay well. Julian's rate isn't lawyer-big, but it's definitely quite better than whatever they were getting paid at their previous job. Also, the classrooms and facilities are go-ho-HOrgeous.

Sounds kinda fun. What sort of stuff happens for the characters to react to if there's no magical events or weirdness?

No weirdness? No weirdness? You haven't met Julian yet, I see. You see, our 42-year-old (looks 29) billionaire academy president is somewhat addicted to all things sporadic, colorful, and fabulous. Using his financial power, and an ever-present squadron of black suits talking into their wrists and wearing ear bugs and sunglasses, Julian holds the power to turn any normal school event, be it opening ceremonies or the sports festival, into the most fabulous and over-the-top scholarly gathering these students and these faculty have ever seen. You'll just have to wait and see. You can also expect Julian and the Black Suits (did I just start a rock band?) to be stalking spying on watching over the student body, making sure that no one is being left to just sit on their hands and study their lives away. On the opposite side, students who don't study at all can expect a late-night visit from the same group, and it won't be pretty♥

Wait...Are you saying they, like--

Hm? Oh! No, no, no, there's no violence involved. In fact, in this RP, your character won't come to any harm as long as you say so. The only physical danger that will come to them, if you so desire, should be good 'ole plot-related violence, or tried-and-true Three Stooges violence that gets healed in 5 seconds which a simple shake of the head. Plot-related violence would be on par with, say, Hagu-chan being in an accident that injures her hands, thus rendering her unable to paint, making her question her future, or Ogiue jumping out of a window, fracturing her arm, getting her kicked out of manga club and into Genshiken.

Is there death in this RP?

It's a modern setting, so yes. But that doesn't mean you should let your character die; all the money in the world can't bring the dead back to life. ICly and OOCly avoid death with all your might. If your character dies, then that's that. There is a high-tech medical facility on the school campus, so if something really terrible happens, your character *can* stay in the RP, although they may go through understandable Emo Times while they recover. Hey, more chances for plot and interaction, right?

How do characters interact? What's the RP format here? Do they talk to each other on the phone or something?

Hey, that's a great idea! Really, lots of people come from different styles of LJ RP, so we're going to try and accommodate for them. Still, the basic format can be pinned down as such:

Normal journal posts:: In the character's journal (which all the other characters' journals have friended, thus causing near-all of this RP to exist on the friends list), the character talks about their recent happenings, deciding themselves if they want it to public or private or filtered to a specific person. ICly, all students get internet in their dormitories, and are given a free online blog that only other Quo Vadis students and faculty can read, depending on how they set up their privacy settings. (Hey wow that sounds just like Livejournal!) However, this is only an optional IC interpretation of a character's posts. You can also make posts that include "hackable" portions that are simply a narration of what's been going through a character's head recently ("I can't believe what a failure I am to have failed that exam...") that will let other players peer into your characters' mind so that their character can play the part of the all-knowing best friend. That kind of posting doesn't really make sense using the online blog metaphor, obviously, so just give it a *shrug* and assume whatever's convenient. If you want to specify that characters are talking in person, or talking over the phone, then it shall be so. Also remember that Japanese kids are texting maniacs; cellphone plans in Japan accommodate for this, making texting often cheaper than actual phone calls!

Action log posts:: We have a log community for your character journal to join that you can use to post action logs that not only involve characters chatting, but interacting in non-verbal ways. *makes a creepy chuckling sound* ... Yeah, so. Lots of the time, people write these in 3rd-person narrative, but anything's fine as long as you're consistent in a single post. Check out the community yourself to see how it works; in these cases, the best way to learn is by example.

AIM live RP:: Some people like to bring their characters out of livejournal and into instant messaging, which means much more realistic-feeling RP. You can use your IC chat log and translate it into a narrative action log that you post with the other action logs afterwards. Nifty!

How does money work here?

ICly, everything happens in Japanese yen, which you can generally assume to be at a currency rate of 100JPY = 1USD = 33RUB = .75EUR = .66GBP. Hope that helps ya'll out enough. Since not everyone's from America in internet land (*GASP* whaaaat?!) let's all set Japanese yen as our common currency, why don't we! Money does tend to come up a lot in slice-of-life series, so while it might be a headache at first, using mostly-accurate numbers will go a long way to communicate how much of a pain of a butt your roommate is being for making you pay for this Friday's booze, etc.

OOCly, we're not going to keep track of every single yen coming and going from your character's wallets; it's just not worth keeping track, and students are spending money ALL THE TIME, no matter how poor they may complain they are. It's your responsibility to keep track of how empty or full your character's wallet is. Look at it as another aspect to RP around; it'd be boring if your character had a bottomless pit of money, right? Make 'em suffer!! Just like we all have. That said, be a smart RPer and have money saved just in case of emergencies! When something big happens and you can't really reason them having $500 sitting around to drop, then you can't magically take it out of mid-air. If an emergency does happen though, Julian is usually available to beg a loan from, but he'll make sure you pay back with interest~ *flirty wink*

Do you allow yaoi or yuri or sexiness or threesomes or--

This is a complicated question! Who wrote this?

Any kind of relationships are allowed here! Just remember to keep an open mind, even if your character doesn't. Assume that the IC cultural climate for "what is normal" is the same as how it is where you, the player, are now, even if that place isn't Japan. Homosexuality is a subject that may come up ICly in our RP, and we should let it-- but please keep an open mind, and understand that this is a subject that is personally close to many of the players you're interacting with.

Serious business aside, yes, you can RP hot sexinz here! Just keep it under friends-lock, lj cut, and mark it as mature content. Free speech! Free speech! So long as it's labeled properly, free speech!

Threesomes? Oh, you crazy people. yeah sure go nuts, just follow the rules above

Another note: I personally don't approve of kids 17 and under engaging in mature acts. However, sometimes that stuff is IC for a character's canon, and also sometimes you can't deny how hawt HibarixGokudera is, and there's enough reasons there for me to say...do what's fun, just keep the character in mind, and keep the fictional, slice-of-life setting in mind. The first part of that is easy enough to apply. The second part I'm mentioning because, while Priscilla from Fire Emblem may be 16 in her canon and looking to get married, that doesn't necessarily mean that it'd carry over to the 21st century without any problems. Reasonable, right?

What happens ICly if I drop a character? Can I pick up a character that's been played before in the RP, but someone dropped them?

This is a little harder to make work than in your usual magical RP, but here's currently the best idea we've got:

Character A has been around for a while, doing this stuff, hanging out with these certain folks, enjoying this club; then, they leave due to problem at home, or maybe Julian has been convinced that the kid is not working well with his school. Character A is OOCly dropped. After a minimum wait period of 4 months, someone apps the same Character A and is accepted, and Character A ICly returns to the school, the same age they would be after 4 months had passed! The only thing is, this new player must do some research on the previous "stay" of that character so that they can accurately portray the same character. Naturally, though, they won't necessarily be able to make an identical character, due to everyone's individual RP voice. This is ICly explained by "people...change." That's one of the main reasons behind the wait period, and the other reason is that it gives characters that Character A left behind a length of time to make other friends. If Character A comes back and doesn't get along with them as well as they did before, then they can still hang out with other people, and everyone will hopefully feel happy and right, if a little bittersweet.

Unfortunately, this still makes it difficult to app a character that has already been RPed by someone else, just because the experience of that character will be new to you, but not to everyone else. But really, I think this is the best option available for this non-magic, mundane RP. 'S how it goes. We can do it! Stretch those RP muscles!

Squeeeee! I'm going to apply for this character because their love interest is already in the game, this is gonna be so amazing!!

Be careful! This is AU, and things might not work out just like in canon! In fact, we can guarantee they won't! We highly, highly recommend apping characters based on how much you love the character and how they interact, and not necessarily for canon pairing purposes. Canon pairings will work, though, if you can time it right and plan it with another player. Still, doesn't it sound more interesting to stick your character in the maze and just see where they go~?

It doesn't? Oh. Well fine be that way. do whatever you want see if i care /pout

I've got this fantastic idea for something catastrophic that happens and it's gonna be SO CRAZY AND AWESOME

Hey hey, that's wicked cool! Just do us a favor and ask a mod about it first, would you? I love plot and external conflict to help the characters bond. I look forwad to your ideas. Just wait for permission before you put anything major into motion, so we can confirm that it makes sense with the world setting and story feel we're going for.

Are the students not allowed off the campus at all?

That is so not true. Julian knows the value of travel to broaden one's horizons! Also, you have to go home and visit your parents sometime. Anytime your character is off campus, simply specify they are somewhere in a post, and for any post that takes place while they're off campus. While they're off campus, they will obviously only be able to interact via internet and phone with anyone on-campus, so keep that in mind for theads attached to that post. Obviously, characters can also go off campus together, and their threads could happen in person and face-to-face. Basic, easy-to-understand stuff, I assume?

Check out our locations section to see where students might want to go! Quo Vadis Academy is a good hour-and-a-half from downtown Tokyo, which is both close enough and far enough to see both the city and the countryside easily with a cheap train ride.

Are played characters and played teachers the only people on campus? Sounds like a ghost town campus, considering how big you made it sound before...

There are a large number of NPC students and NPC teachers here, and it will fluctuate as characters are apped and dropped, naturally. One great thing about this is that you can OOCly control NPCs to a certain extent! If you have a bullied character, feel free to make a post about some NPC students ruining her bento lunch. If you have a popular character, make a post about how full of chocolates his mailbox was on Valentines' Day. Keep in mind, though, that there is never just one bullied character, or just one popular character. Please keep your eyes open for other student characters who might also want to share the NPC fun, and don't make huge assumptions about NPC behavior that could contradict NPC behavior by someone else.

Can my character be held back a year?

Sure, why not! Yay for plot!

What happens when my character finishes their schooling?

If you can find some kind of IC reason for them to hang around, then you can keep playing them! Discuss with us mods. By then, we'll probably be best friends anyway. I could see Julian hiring a graduate to give them some kind of job to live off of while they keep soul-searching a bit more or finish up a romance plot they still had going...that kind of thing.

How do classes and homework and everything work?

You can RP however much of class you want, and I will understand if you don't want to RP any of it; what's important is keeping track of what class you're in and mentioning how truant your character may be, that kind of thing. You know how good or bad at homework your character is, in which subjects. Talk about it in your posts, and characters can make study groups, or make fun of the kids who are flunking! Ha ha!

Classes are signed up for in the posts OOCly; that way, you can see what other characters are in your class, and you guys can start down that glorious road of classroom friendship.

What if my character tries to, uh, run away from school?

Julian will hunt them down♥

With those black suits, huh.

You betcha. Even if your character never has direct contact with the main man himself, they will undoubtedly run into Julian's black suit men. They are his eyes and ears, and they also serve as the campus's security team, green coat service for walking you to your dorm from the library on those late study nights, and in a pinch, they are all trained in emergency medical procedures. They usually stand around the campus, wearing black suits, sunglasses, an ear bug in one ear, and looking very tough and serious. They're not that mean, though. Feel free to talk to them, if your character can drum up the courage... Also, if a character wants to meet with Julian, they should ask a black suit. Julian is rarely in his office. Sitting in office chairs makes him jittery.
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